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Put The Kettle On

A Good Cup Of Tea Makes Everyone Feel Better!

From revitalising Jasmine to exotic Spiced Masala, the range of teas from Chai Xpress is something to get excited about! With no added flavours or preservatives, and the finest ingredient used, Chai Xpress prides itself on producing teas that, taste exactly as they’re supposed to. 


Proper Indian tea isn’t just about taste its about the aroma. Every tea has a distinct taste and an authentic flavor, and you can be sure that the ingredients are pure and authentic. Black tea from the Rift Valley in Kenya, Cardamom from the Guatemalan Forest; Chai Xpress is a tea company with a firm commitment to quality. The team has travelled the world to source and ship the finest ethnic produce. Each of their journeys results in the creation of special tea blends and herbal infusions that taste ‘totally amazing’.


Alongside the great taste, all Chai Xpress teas have many health benefits creating harmony and balance. Drinkers can expect to enjoy many health benefits from rejuvenated skin to improved digestion. Rich in antioxidants and helping to relieve congestion, some of the natural ingredients in Chai Xpress teas have even been known to help ease everyday aches and pains! And, as we all know, a good cup of tea makes everyone feel better!